On the occasion of the founding of Mr. & Ms. Cat ---

We are a couple who both have been sharing our lives with cats since childhood.
Even now, we live with our two feline family members.
As the years of our living with cats continued,
our wish for ideal products grew.
What we had been dreaming of were not just products for us,
but for all of the cat lovers around us to share together on a deeper level.
It was exactly a year ago when we made up our minds, “We shall make them ourselves!”
Mr. & Ms. Cat, lifestyle brand with the theme of “living stylishly with our beloved cats,” is filled with everything the two of us have been wishing for.

Cats have been dear friends to humans for approximately 10,000 years.
Cats are what everyone can love despite differences and boundaries such as nationality and race.
Since ancient times, the Japanese believe that spirits dwell in all fauna and flora, and even artefacts.
We also believe that valuing all existences equally has sustained Japan’ s rich nature, traditions, and craftsmanship, led to breathing life
into drawings through animations and manga, and cultivated an array of art forms
including architecture and contemporary art.

By nurturing the Mr. & Ms. Cat brand,
our hope is to spread from Japan to all across the globe
the sustainability of humans, fauna, flora, artefacts all playing the starring role in this world.

August 8, 2020
Tan Yamanouchi, Ruri Yamanouchi
Brand Founders