Living with cats.
It is spending madly endearing,
occasionally worrying,
tender times together.
It is by no means a piece of cake,
but no doubt the best life decision one can make.
Living with cats
deserves tender loving care.

We offer ideas for lifestyles
that are equally comfortable for cats and humans.

Make your every day with cats even more lovable,
for as long as possible.
Our wish is to be the ones
that help cat lovers make their wishes come true,
and at the same time, lend an ear to the voices of cats.
We are here to support your creation
of the most “meowvelous” lifestyle ever.




2021. DEBUT

Homes Designed with “The Cat Standard”
for Humans and Cats

Architectural Concept of “Cat Landscape House” Based on “The Cat Scale”

The first home by “THE HOUSE” is named “Cat Landscape House” and located in Tokyo.
With the concepting and development of “the cat scale” which takes into consideration of the cat’ s size, living spaces for humans and landscapes for cats exist harmoniously within one novelly designed house. “THE HOUSE” proposes a brand new approach to living by fusing the lifestyles of humans and cats to achieve comfort for all. In these times of working from home and dual-income families, “THE HOUSE” focuses on designing homes for people who work at home and live with cats.
Sustainability is also top priority, such as using wooden constructions and natural materials to reduce environmental load, as well as optimizing and rationalizing the daily use of light and thermal energy.

If you are a cat lover who wants a custom house design looking for an ideal home with your cat,
Cat lovers who are exploring the option customizing an ideal home for their cats and themselves, or homeowners and real estate developers who wish to create rental housing in collaboration with “THE HOUSE” are welcome to make an appointment for consultation from the button above.