A set

[Limited time item]

Full ver. ( Framed Picture + Digital Picture )

Production/exhibition fee

Framed portrait of a cat's portrait (A3 size *After digital drawing output, added with a paintbrush)
+ 2 types of digital high-quality data of portraits of cats (smartphone version + PC version)
+ Exhibition of portraits of cats "The Meowseum"

It is also recommended as a gift for those who are looking for items that can be decorated as interior items, families and important people.

*If you wish to draw multiple cats in one picture, we will accept up to 2 cats. (+5,000 yen for the second one) We have a dedicated payment page for exhibiting multiple animals, so please select from the tab above.

Steps from application to work production, exhibition to delivery

STEP 1. Submit one of the favorite cats from the exhibition form

We will send the exhibition form after the payment of the exhibition fee is completed.
When you enter the exhibition form,
A favorite photo of a loving cat, which is a work of exhibiting cat exhibitions, and information about the cat's love
(Title of cat, age, variety, nationality, portrait, etc.)
will be available for download.

*Please select the photograph in which all of the love cats are in the picture, as long as possible.
*The work is made up to a single point per point.
*If you wish to have more than one of these works, please apply for the desired application.
will be used.

STEP 2. Production of exhibits (portraits)

Based on the photo you have submitted, Mr. & Cat artists
I will draw a sheet of portraits with a digital picture, just one sheet.

* The background color of the portrait is based on the photograph you received.
I'd like to select one.

STEP 3. Published in The Meowseum (Meyogiam)

After the Portrait of a Cat, the Online Portrait of a Cat and His Neats
In "The Meowseum", the exhibition was held in the exhibition.
The Meowseum special page and Mr. & Ms. Cat's official social networking service will be available for neat cats around the world.
Please look forward to the release of your loving cat's work.

*The work will be produced at any time in order to proceed with the work.
* The initial release of the work is scheduled for October.

The Meowseum (Myiosium) pageThis is > >

Mr. Mr. & Ms. Cat's official instagramThis is > >

STEP 4. Paintings with brushes and designs with high design

" A set. If you purchase a Full ver., you may not purchase it.
In addition to the digital high-definition data of the work,
Mr. & Ms. Cat artists will make a handwriting by hand in a picture.
In addition, it will cover the amount of the "MOEVE" brand of the stylish design "MOEVE" with a face value, and deliver it to the hand.

The Nordic design brand is MOEVE, which was born in Denmark.
A wooden frame with no wasteful design has no place to choose;
A good item that is familiar to the interior of any room.

We use acrylic plates, which are not glass boards, but are difficult to crack.
If the cat had fallen in the face value of the cat,
There is no concern that the glass cracks and the cat is injured.

A3 Longitudal size, so please use it to accent your room to the interior of the interior of the room.
There is a black rubber band for hanging down, so pull out and pull it out.
hung on a piccher rail or on the wall of the room.

STEP 5. Portrait of the Portrait of a Picture Exhibition: After the exhibitions are finished, the work is delivered to Ote

We will deliver the work to the company after the exhibition of the online portraits of the lovers, "The Meowseum."
The work of the work will be addressed in sequential order.

*The time of delivery may be extended depending on the status of the order.

The digital high-resolution data of the work is sent in two different types: Laptop ver. and Smartphone ver.

You can take it every day and use it in a place where you can watch it.
Kokin Tu Zu Please enjoy the work & Ms. Cat.


A set

[Limited time item]

Full ver. ( Framed Picture + Digital Picture )

Production/exhibition fee

A set

[Limited time item]

Full ver. ( Framed Picture + Digital Picture )

brand Mr. & Ms. Cat(作品)、MOEVE(額縁)
Content of work A3サイズ額装原画1点、作品デジタルデータ2点
Work format デジタル作画 / 出力後アクリル水性塗料で加筆
Digital data 2436px x 1125px(スマートフォン版)
2880px x 1800px (PC版)
Frame size W319mm x H441mm、725g
Frame material 無垢オーク材、アクリル板、ラバー
生産国 Made in Japan(作品)、Made in Denmark(額縁)

Please check once before payment

Mr. & Ms. Cat draws and creates the work from scratch based on the photos we received after requesting the exhibitor from the customer.
We will do our best to deliver the work to you as soon as possible, but it may take some time depending on the situation. We appreciate your understanding.

・Please note that after payment, we cannot cancel the exhibitor or refund the payment already paid for the convenience of the customer.
・Since the work will be done by hand, it may not be possible to accept applications depending on the number of customers who wish to exhibit and the deadline for application. In that case, we will inform you separately.
"A. Full ver. (Framed Picture + Digital Picture)"Regarding, regarding the actual shipment, we will use Yamato Transport's "Takkyubin" or "International Takkyubin". Due to regulations, some countries and regions do not support delivery, so for customers living in that region"B. Digital ver. (Digital Picture)"Only available.
For deliverable areasHereFor the delivery fee of International TA-Q-BIN,HereYou can check it from here.
・Once the work is completed, it will be published on a special page and official SNS, and after the exhibition, we will deliver the data or the actual picture.
・Please note that we cannot accept prior confirmation of works or corrections after release.
・The delivered works can be posted on your SNS. When posting, please mention #mrandmscat or Mr. & Ms. Cat official SNS account.
・The copyright of the work belongs to Mr&Ms Cat. However, only for personal non-commercial use, secondary use using the handed digital data will be possible. Commercial use is not possible.
・The work may be used for our publications, printed materials, and PR activities.
・Our company handles personal information of customers and their cats.privacy policyWe will manage and operate in accordance with the above.

(About production/exhibition fees)
If you would like to participate in "The Meowseum", please check the following and pay the production/exhibition fee. After paying the production/exhibition fee, submit the exhibit form to complete the exhibit. Please look forward to the completion of the work.
Production/Exhibition Fee "A. Full ver. (Framed Picture + Digital Picture)"
Learn more about A >>
Mr. & Ms. Cat draws an original portrait based on the photo of your cat. In addition to the high quality data of the work, we will add the painting directly with the paintbrush and deliver the picture of the actual framed picture after the exhibition.
Production/Exhibition Fee "B. Digital ver. (Digital Picture)"
Learn more about B >>
Mr. & Ms. Cat draws an original portrait based on the photo of your cat.
We will deliver high-quality data of the work after the exhibition.